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Naslov: knj017 - Douglas Adams: The Dog Who Loved Too Much
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Nicholas Dodman: The Dog Who Loved Too Much: Tales, Treatments and the Psychology of Dogs

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Publisher's Note
Do you have a problem pooch? What do you do with a dog who attacks the telephone whenever it rings? Or one who chases imaginary rabbits down imaginary holes? Or one who is terrified ofmicroblinds...or turns into Cujo every time company arrives?In this warm, compassionate, entertaining, and very informative book, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, one of the premier veterinary behaviorists in the country, tells real-life stories from his practice that illustrate his unique approach to correcting unwanted behaviors. By making key changes in a dogs diet, exercise regime, environment, and training, Dr. Dodman has been able to work wonders with even the most difficult problems. Utilizing revolutionary discoveries in canine behaviorism and pharmacology, Dr. Dodman has given hope and help to owners whose only previous options were obedience schools, or if these failed--euthanasia. Whether you own a problem dog or just want to better understand the complex, intelligent mind of your canine companion, this is a book you won't want to miss.

In this fascinating book, Dr. Dodman tackles the most common and baffling of canine psychological disorders--aggression, fearfulness, and obsessive/repetitive behavior--and explains through engaging, often humorous, case studies his therapies to help both dog and owner.